Top 10 Kolkata Red Light Area सिर्फ 100 rupiya

Top 10 Kolkata Red Light Area सिर्फ 100 rupiya

Are you looking for the best Kolkata Red Light area? You’ve come to the right place! 

In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the top 10 red light areas in Kolkata, providing you with their name list, location, and rates. 

Before knowing about the brothels of Kolkata, let us see what the red light area meaning.

The meaning of a red light area is a place in a city where prostitution and sexual services are openly offered and sold. It’s a district known for its adult entertainment and the presence of sex workers.

Kolkata is known for its vibrant Red Light area, and it’s no surprise that it has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.

Whether you’re a resident or a visitor, it’s important to know the different red light area Kolkata and what they offer.

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The city of Kolkata is known for its culture, delicious food dishes, and its history. It is a very busy city where there is hustle and bustle on the streets every day. But in contrast to these roads, there is another strong side of this city where very little attention is paid to everyone.

We are talking about the Kolkata Red light area here. This area is home to many sex workers who have been doing the business of sex with different people here for years.

Biggest Red Light Area of Asia Continent “Kolkata”

red light area in Kolkata

Although red light areas are found in many famous places and big metros all over India, when it comes to Kolkata, it is the only place in India, which is known as the largest red-light zone in the entire continent of Asia. is famous.

The red light areas in Kolkata is mainly located in the central and southern parts where sex workers abound. In this area, you will get to see high-end escort girls from normal sex workers who provide service to the people.

By the way, prostitution is illegal in India due to which many girls have to become victims of exploitation. Only those girls whose financial condition is not good come in this work.

There is Sonagachi salt place in Kolkata Red Light Area which is the biggest red light area in the world, in this place alone more than 11000 sex workers work. If you also want to visit these red light areas in Kolkata, then we would like to suggest you treat the girls working here with respect.

The women working here are also human beings who deserve respect and dignity. It is important to remember that these are not things that can be thrown away after use. Rather, it is their compulsion due to which they are falling prey to this filth. That’s why it deserves all the respect.

In this article, we are going to list the Top 10 Kolkata Red Light Area name list where you can fulfill your sexual desires.

Sonagachi: The Largest Red Light Area in Asia

Top 10 Kolkata Red Light Area

Sonagachi is not only Kolkata’s but Asia’s biggest red light area images, here 11000 sex workers work together. This area is known for its narrow streets. This place is not only known for the red light area but human trafficking also takes place here.

Kalighat: Famous for Prostitution

Kalighat place located in South Kolkata is an important red light area there. About 2000 sex workers work here. However, many works are also being done for the health facilities of sex workers in the area.

Bowbazar: Cheap Red Light Area

Bowbazar is located in central Kolkata and is a famous red light area of Kolkata city. This place is home to 500 sex workers. There are many narrow streets. This place is known for illegal prostitution. In earlier times there were many police raids here.

Tollygunge: A Small Red Light Area

Tollygunge is a small red light area in Kolkata where 200 sex workers work and fulfill people’s sensual desires.

Kidderpore: Oldest Kolkata Red Light Area

This place is located in South Kolkata, where around 300 women work as sex workers and this is also their home. It is a run-down place with narrow lanes where police raids are frequent.

Khardah: Popular Red Light Area

Khardah is located in North Kolkata where 50 employees meet new people daily and sleep with them.

Khidirpur: Famous for Bengali Girls

Khidirpur is a small red-light area located in South Kolkata which is home to 100 sex workers.

Belilious Road: A Red Light Area

Howrah located in Kolkata is a small red light area near my location that is often crowded with people. All these people come there to meet the 50 employees working there.

Beniapukur: with a Seedy Reputation

Beniapukur is a small red-light area located in central Kolkata. About 100 sex workers work here.


This area is located in North Kolkata. This is also a small red light area in India where 50 sex workers work and meet with new people daily.

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