Top Pakistani Pornstars Name List 2023 with Images, Wiki, Instagram You Must Watch

Top Pakistani Pornstars Name List 2023 with Images, Wiki, Instagram You Must Watch

As we know, fans of Pakistani girls can be found all over the world. Pakistani girls are famous globally for their beautiful charm, features, amazing body figures, brown eyes, and fair complexion. These girls can easily attract any man. Many people enjoy watching movies featuring Pakistani Pornstars and have a preference for videos starring these performers due to their captivating qualities.

Numerous pornstars have captured the hearts of many men. They possess a charming beauty that can fascinate you with their style. Worldwide, some men are enamored by the beauty and characteristics of these Pakistani Beauties. In today’s time, these beauties have won the hearts of American men.

If you are interested in knowing the top Pakistani Pornstar Names of 2023, then this article is for you. It provides information about the top Pakistani girls and their Instagram IDs.

Check Top Pakistani Pornstar List 2023 

The top Pakistani Pornstar List of 2023 is like this in which you will be able to see beautiful Pakistani women and also know about them in detail.

#1 Foxy Di: The Hottest Pakistani Pornstar

The first name on our list is Foxy Di, who tops the ranking of the Hottest Pakistani Pornstars. She is a beautiful Pakistani woman born on 14th September 1994. Foxy Di initiated her porn career in 2014 and remained active in the industry until 2017. During these five years, she participated in numerous porn movies, garnering a significant increase in her fan base.

Before concluding her porn career, Foxy Di also ventured into erotic modeling. She gained distinct recognition for her stunning and fabulous appearance, coupled with exceptional performance. Her porn movies are often regarded as some of the sexiest in the country. Despite exiting the porn industry, she continues to be considered the sexiest Pakistani Pornstar to this day.

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Real NameFoxy Di
Date of Birth14 September 1994
Birth PlaceSaint Petersburg, Russia
Instagram IdFoxy Di

#2 Yasmeena: The Best and Sexiest Pakistan Pornstar

Yasmin was born on 1st December 1993 in Afghanistan. She holds the second position in the list of the most beautiful Pakistan Pornstar. Her real name is Khadija Cohen. Yasmin embarked on her porn career after meeting the renowned porn industry director David Cohen, whom she later married.

Yasmin Ali has carved out a distinct identity for herself through her beautiful performances in numerous porn movies. She possesses significant expertise in the art of sensuality, making her the only pornstar who puts every possible effort into satisfying her partner. Yasmin is highly professional in her work, ensuring the satisfaction of her partners.

Her passion for portraying sensuality in movies captivates the hearts of the audience. Yasmin Ali understands well how to fulfill her partner’s desires in the realm of adult entertainment.

Real NameYasmin Ali
Date of Birth1st December 1993
Birth PlaceKabul, Afghanistan
Instagram IdYasmin Ali

#3 Sohni Ahmed: Famous Model, Instagram influencer and Pornstar

Before entering the adult industry, Sohni Ahmed was a famous model and Instagram influencer. He was born in Pakistan but was brought up in Moscow, Russia. Her body figure can attract any man to her. Their slim body and brown eyes fascinate people. She is the most talented Pakistani Pornstar who is world famous because of her work.

Real NameSohni Ahmed
Date of Birth19 June 1996
Birth PlaceKarachi, Pakistan
Instagram IdSohni Ahmed

#4 Nadia Ali: Famous Beautiful and Sexiest Pakistan Pornstar

Nadia Ali, also known as Heena, is the next name of the beautiful and sexiest Pakistani Pornstar Name List. She was born on 22nd July 1991 in Karachi, Pakistan, making her a 31-year-old beautiful pornstar. Nadia gained fame as the “Women of the Middle East” for her roles in adult films.

Beginning her adult career in 2015, Nadia continued in the industry until 2017. During her time in the porn industry, she held the distinction of being the most beautiful, popular, and sought-after Pakistani porn actress. Her captivating performances led to a significant fan following.

In addition to her work in the adult industry, Nadia Ali has earned numerous awards and accolades. Many appreciate her for not only her looks but also her skills and talent. Nadia Ali’s adult films and websites have reached audiences worldwide, earning her recognition and awards for her exceptional work.

Real NameNadia Ali
Date of Birth22 July 1991
Birth PlaceKarachi, Pakistan
Instagram IdNadia Ali

#5 Sobia Nasir: Most Talented, Gorgeous, and Top Pakistani Pornstars

Sobia Nasir is one such actress in the Pakistani porn industry without whose mention the list of Top Pakistani Pornstars remains incomplete. ‘She is the hottest and most gorgeous pornstar of Pakistan whose beauty the world is crazy about. She has worked in many adult films on various platforms. Due to her beautiful acting, she has fascinated all the audiences. Her long black hair and brown eyes make her beautiful. This pornstar is the most beautiful and talented porn actress of her time.

Instagram Id:- Sobia Nasir

#6 Luna Silver: Hot Pakistani Porn Stars

Luna Silver’s name is Ayesha, she is a 27-year-old Hot Pakistani Porn Stars who was born on 27 February 1996. This woman is a mixture of Pakistani and Dutch. She is very famous because of her body figure. Her natural big boobs, brown eyes, and black hair attract everyone. When this actress was 24 years old, she started her career in the adult industry and today she is famous as one of the hot pornstars. It has been 3 consecutive years since she has been making porn videos.

Luna Silver is very famous for anal sex and blowjob scenes. Apart from this, she also likes making gangbang sex videos.

Real NameAyesha
Date of Birth27 February, 1997
Birth PlacePakistan
Instagram IdLuna Silver

#7 Pakistani Ranni: Most Popular and Best Adult Actress 

Whenever it comes to Pakistani Pornstar List, we can’t overlook the Pakistani Ranni. This woman is undoubtedly a British-Pakistani hot pornstar who is versatile in her preferences. We can confidently say that you’ve never encountered such a beautiful BBW MILF in the Pakistani porn industry.

Pakistani Ranni stands out as one of the popular pornstars who consistently captures public attention with her beauty, sensuality, and remarkable performances. Throughout her adult career, she has been featured in numerous porn movies. Her videos are consistently explosive, drawing in audiences not only in Pakistan but around the world.

She has garnered several awards for her beautiful acting and talent, solidifying her status as a celebrated figure in the industry.

Instagram id:- Pakistani Ranni

#8 Alishba Sheikh: A Great Pakistani PornStar

Alishba Sheikh was born on 31 May 1999 in Pakistan. This Pakistani pornstar is a very popular Instagram star. She has more than 2 million followers on Instagram. She has worked in many adult films. Which includes films like Gangbang, Lesbian, and Bisexual.

This actress is very beautiful and talented. People like their sweet behavior and stunning looks. She has made dozens of movies in her porn career in which she has filmed different scenes. Today Alishba is considered an experienced Pakistani pornstar. Due to these qualities, they have been successful in creating their own identity in this industry.

Real NameAlishba Sheikh
Date of Birth31 May 1999
Birth PlacePakistan
Instagram IdAlishba Sheikh

#9 Ushna Malik: A Real Beauty of the Pakistani Porn Industry

The next name in our Pakistani Pornstar List is that of Ushna Malik. This actress is known for her amazing and sensual performances in porn movies due to which her fanbase is also very high. Ushna Malik is very beautiful and attractive. In her videos, you will see a mixture of beauty, skill, and passion.

She loves her work very much due to which she has won many awards based on it. She is a hot actress in the Pakistani porn industry. So if you want to see some hot and sexy nudes then you must watch Ushna Malik’s porn movies.

Real NameUshna Malik
Date of Birth2 February 1999
Birth PlacePakistan
Instagram IdUshna malik

#10 Nadia Nyce: Nastiest Pakistani Porn Star 

Nadia Nyce was born on 12 March 1973 in Lahore, Pakistan. She started her porn career in 1995 and worked continuously in porn movies till 1997. She is also known as the nastiest girl in Pakistan porn industry.

This actress was very popular among the audience due to her charming image. Because of her passion for eating cream, she was also called the Queen of Cream.

Real NameNadia Nyce
Date of Birth12 March 1973
Birth PlaceLahore, Pakistan

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