Muskaan Agarwal New Adult 10 Hot Web Series Wiki, Bio, Hot Images & Latest Updates

Muskaan Agarwal New Adult 10 Hot Web Series Wiki, Bio, Hot Images & Latest Updates

You guys also seem fond of watching adult websites, so we have brought some adult web series for you that are very adult and beautiful. In this article, we are going to talk about Muskaan Aggarwal Top 10 Hot Web Series. Apart from this, we have also told about Maskar Aggarwal’s sexy videos, nude pics, and his Instagram account. Muskaan Aggarwal Hot Scenes is a very popular actress on the OTT platform. She has worked in many web series and enthralled her audience with bold scenes.

Muskaan Aggarwal is a sizzling actress in the Ullu web series, who is loved by the audience. He has played lead roles in many web series and has been widely appreciated for his superb acting skills on this platform. Apart from this, Muskaan Agarwal has also appeared in various web series on platforms like Kuku, Rabbit, and CinemaDosti. Muskaan Aggarwal has wooed people with her hot and bold photoshoot.

Muskaan Aggarwal Wiki, Bio, Hot Image

The Muskaan Aggarwal works as a model and an actress. He is from Mumbai in the state of Maharashtra. He started with modeling and many names were associated with it. Muskaan Aggarwal is known for her work in bold web series, short films, music videos, and TV shows. The Muskaan became famous after playing roles in the Ullu web series. Muskaan Aggarwal Bio became quite famous after playing roles in the Ullu web series.

He worked in popular Muskaan Aggarwal Web Series like Palangtod (Bekaboo Dil), Aate Ki Chakki, Rupaya 500, Charamsukh (Live Streaming), Palangtod (Damaad Ji Season 2), Jaal, Charamsukh (Tauba Tauba), Sultan. Click here to learn more about Muskaan Aggarwal web series list, hot wiki, photos, boyfriend, and latest news

Muskaan started her acting career by working in commercial TV shows. Then she started modeling and shooting pictures for famous companies. He has worked in many web shows during his career. In the 2021 ULLU Web Palang Tod episode Bekaboo Dil Mein, where she played the role of a daughter, she became famous for the first time. Another well-known actor from the Ullu App, Genie Jaaz, also loved his second role in the web series Charmsukh. Then the actress was in an episode of Charmsukh’s web series live streaming. She played the role of a housewife. Aate Ki Chakki, Rupee 500, Jaal, Sultan, and many other web shows.

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NameMuskaan Agarwal
Born (Date of Birth)29 April 1997
Age26 Years
BirthplaceMumbai, Maharashtra, India
Food HabitNon-Vegetarian
Height5’ 3
Weight50 kg
Eye colorDark brown
Hair ColorDark brown
Skin ColorFair
Bra size34 Inches
Waist size28 Inches
Hip size34 Inches
Figure34-28-34 inches

Muskaan Agarwal Web Series List:-


Red Panty


Chanda Aur Chandani


Rupay 500 and Plot

Bhabhi Porn Star

Palangtod Bekaboo

Aate Ki Chakki


Muskaan Aggarwal allweb series are some web series that are very adult. You are going to enjoy it a lot by watching these web series.

# CharamSukh

Charmsukh” is an adult web series that has enthralled the audience. The story revolves around a married couple, where the husband embarks on a dark path to fulfill his Muskaan Agarwal sexual desires due to his unsatisfactory performance. Feeling dissatisfied, the wife secretly records their sexual encounter for her own satisfaction.

Their lives become more complicated when their innocent imaginations take a dangerous turn. The husband watches several strangers violate his wife. Watch Charamsukh Live Streaming to know what happens next.

# Red Panty

This is another hit of Muskan Agarwal also famous for Muskan Agarwal Sex Videos. When Chandni becomes pregnant, her father-in-law enjoys intimacy with her. His sister Nadine is called to help him. Chandni tries everything possible to fulfill her sexual desire and starts having sex with everyone. He has relations with his father-in-law and brother-in-law.

# Sambandh

The story of Muskaan Aggarwal Sambandh Ullu web series is the story of a newly married couple. This couple is bound by a family tradition. According to tradition, the newly married couple can go on their honeymoon only 15 days after the wedding. However, as the web series unfolds, new twists emerge in the story.

Over time, the new bride finds herself attracted to her husband’s brother, and they celebrate their first honeymoon together. In this web series, Muskaan Aggarwal Nude delivers a courageous performance that enthralls the audience and keeps them engaged in the story.

# Chanda Aur Chandani

In this web series, Muskaan has exposed her sexual desires. She lives with her sister. She is the most beautiful girl in the village with whom every boy in the village dreams of spending the night. Then she meets a boy with whom she takes all kinds of positions. Muskaan Aggarwal Hot played a very sexy character in this hot web series. This web series has earned a lot and most people have liked the web series. These are great adult scenes of Muskaan Aggarwal Sex to watch and people really enjoyed them.

# Namak

Namak is an adult web series that is famous for its explicit content. Due to the highly engaging content, almost all the viewers have watched this series. The story revolves around an alcoholic wife who invites her boss to her house. But when the boss eyes fall on the wife, he wants to have a physical relationship with her. Thereafter, the boss strikes a deal with the intoxicated husband, whereby the wife must have an affair with the boss in exchange for her husband promotion.

However, the story takes a dramatic turn when Boss Shar videos the couple’s intimate moments and uses it to blackmail her. If you are interested in watching this web series. So you can enjoy clear visuals in high-definition quality.

# Rupay 500 and Plot

Rupay 500 is also another hot web series of Muskaan Aggarwal webseries in which she gives topless nude scenes. Jai is obsessed with sex and has many intense sexual relationships with Kiran, who is the wife of every woman who has a bad image in his imagination in society. Jai’s biggest fantasy is his maid Ranjhu, the two have sex for hours every day in their house when Kiran is at work for everyone.

Sexual encounter Jai pays Rs 500 to Ranju. Ranju is an expatriate Bangladeshi woman who lives with an alcoholic husband and takes up prostitution in the hope of a better future for her daughter. Ranju is made to satisfy Jai’s friends during a party in Kiran’s absence, where everyone has wild sex with her by paying only Rs 500. She meets her old friend Lata, a prostitute, who bought her for prostitution.

And decides to teach Jai a lesson. As per the plan, Ranju succeeds and Jai is arrested. Kiran comes to know about Jai and Ranju’s physical encounters and Ranju is in a position to not pay the money received from Kiran for any purpose. Pays Ranju. This does not prove useful as his daughter burns it all as she feels it was unfairly earned. Ranju is now money-hungry and Lata advises her to put her daughter into prostitution. This is the popular Muskaan Agarwal Ullu Web Series.

# Bhabhi Porn Star

Bhabhi Porn Star is an adult web series available on the Ullu platform. The story of this web series is about a married couple who are living their life happily. But the past of the girl is such that it can ruin her married life. With time the girls family accepts the girl’s past.

But after this the girl has to have physical relations with all the members of the house. And the girl also agrees to this so that her happy home is not ruined. Muskaan Aggarwal Hot Video has played an important and influential role in this web series, which has been appreciated by the audience. In this web series, you can also see blurred nude without Muskan Agarwal videos.

# Palangtod Bekaboo

The show ‘Palang Tod: Bekaboo Dil’ immerses us in the world of drama and romance. At the heart of this intriguing tale is Shreya, a young and unmarried girl whose life takes a dangerous turn when she becomes trapped in a web of deceit and insecurity. Shreya’s delicate web of innocence is broken when she finds herself in a compromising position. Her father’s friend had found her engaged in sexual activities in the confines of a room. This traumatic encounter casts a shadow over her existence, leaving her insecure and unsure of the way forward. Muskan Aggarwal nude video breasts are clearly visible in this web series.

# Aate Ki Chakki

Muskaan Agarwal Ullu is another web series of Ullu “Aate Ki Chakki Charamsukh” which has received a lot of love from the audience. This web series is about a newly married couple whose characters are Mamta and Vimal. Now both of them are newly married and Mamta is enjoying her sex life with her husband Vimal. But her sister-in-law does all the household work.

Mamta’s sister-in-law is jealous of her sex life as her husband is unable to satisfy her completely. The reason for this is that my sister-in-law’s husband mostly stays out of the city for his business. But soon Mamta husband also goes out of town for his work. After this, Mamta does all the household work. Later, Mamta’s father-in-law brings a flour mill for Mamta. Cupping which gives sexual pleasure to Mamta.

# Sultan

This is another bold web series of Muskaan Agarwal Porn in which you can clearly see Muskaan Agarwal nude boobs that intrigue you the most. Sultan is a famous person who is always the think and talk of the city. He was known throughout the village because of his extraordinary virility. He loved his family very much. But there was one person in his family, Dipu, who hated the Sultan. a family man who lived on the Sultan’s junk

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