What Is No Nut November Challenge & What Is No Nut November Rule?

What Is No Nut November Challenge & What Is No Nut November Rule?

No Nut November is a popular trend on the Internet, everyone must have heard this word somewhere, but do you know its meaning? no nut november kya hota?

“No Nut November” is an Internet challenge that has become very popular online.

This refers to men going thirty days without masturbation (commonly known as “nutting”) for the entire month of November this is the real meaning of no nut November.  No Nut November is here to test your patience. This challenge which started through the internet has now become a trend among the youth.

This happens every year, many people have started participating in it enthusiastically. In November, a situation of confusion is seen in front of people. Youths make memes on social media. Some make fun of themselves, while others make fun of others. But, have you noticed that this joke is turning into a serious issue?

Understand what is No Nut November? And how did it start?

This is actually a funny challenge. Started with the internet. In this, neither masturbation nor sex nor ejaculation is to be done in the entire month of November.

It started in the Internet world around the year 2011. People claim this challenge shows how much control you have over your body. The one who completes this challenge, his body’s testosterone level increases. becomes strong.

Since then, No Nut November reappears every year in November and has gained popularity, with participants sharing their experiences and humorous moments on social media and the Internet, further increasing its popularity. A song has been made on No Nut November and people are always looking for the No Nut November lyrics meaning on the internet, which you will find in our article.

What Are the No Nut November Survival Rules?

No Nut November started as an anti-porn movement run by the community forum and website NoFap. Then it started becoming very popular year after year. People reasoned behind this challenge that if a person abstains from masturbation, they can get rid of porn and sex addiction. There are some rules to complete this no-nut November let’s find out

  • The first rule is not to have sex or masturbate in any way.
  • To test your patience, watching pornographic videos is also prohibited during this time.
  • Nightfall is forgiven if it happens once, but more than once is out of the challenge.
  • If you don’t masturbate, have sex, or ejaculate in the entire November then you are the winner of the challenge no nut november. You are qualified to destroy dick December

Is No Nut November Challenge Bad for You?

People participating in No Nut November believe that it is good for their physical and mental health, but there is no scientific proof yet. Playing with your body in the name of a challenge will do you no good. There is no physical or mental benefit to abstaining from masturbating for a whole month. In fact, it is the opposite.

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You must have noticed that whenever you masturbate, you feel relaxed. Masturbation is not harmful to you, but beneficial. As long as it doesn’t disturb your daily routine, it doesn’t take you away from other important things, then it is not a bad thing for you. And as for the excess, then everything is bad.

Also, when it comes to sex, No Nut November can become a big issue among couples. If you are not getting sexually involved with your partner for a whole month only because of this challenge, then it should be agreed upon by both. If one of the two people is not interested in this challenge, then there can be trouble in your relationship. The intimacy gap can come between you. I don’t think you should spoil your ties for a social media challenge.

Expert Review on No Nut November Challenge

It is also important to know the opinion of experts about this (Expert on No Nut November) Fertility expert Dr. Prateek Makwana says that this challenge is neither harmful nor beneficial for you. Medically it is clear that there are no side effects of masturbation.

In such a situation, the fact that masturbation is harmful to you is wrong and should be avoided. If men do not masturbate for a long time and do not ejaculate, then sperm starts accumulating in their bodies. Due to this, the sperm quality starts decreasing, because DNA fragmentation starts increasing.

If you do not ejaculate regularly, your body does this work on its own and expels the sperm from the body. We call it nightfall or wet dreams. Even if you don’t ejaculate for 30 days, your body will still do its work and it is completely normal. Those who think that by the end of November, their testosterone level will increase, they are mistaken. No Nut November is not going to bring any change.

Dr. Prateek called the claims of people getting strong and increasing focus due to this challenge an illusion. He says that you can bring focus, productivity, and strength to your life with or without masturbation. Masturbation has nothing to do with your outside world. But, if you only think about it all day, then it is a serious issue and you need to reduce it.

Is there any benefit to doing No Nut November Challenge?

Talking about the mental state of people regarding No Nut November means, psychiatrist Dr. Sarthak Dev says, ‘People feel like completing this challenge is like an achievement. Now if someone says that I can live without food for three days, then he can live. It may be an achievement for him, but it doesn’t mean anything. Similarly, the November challenge also has no meaning or benefit.

As a psychotherapist, I have observed that when you indulge in this trend while watching others and then fail to fulfill it, you start doubting your manhood. A lot of questions start coming in the mind.’ Dr. Sarthak Dev explains about the myth spread about sperm, ‘Many such patients come to me, who feel that removing sperm from the body causes weakness.

Myth About No Nut November

This is the biggest myth. Sperm and strength have nothing to do with each other. If you allow regular things to happen, such as sleeping on time, eating on time, ejaculation on time, then your physical and mental health will remain good’

Until now, some people in society used to judge someone for being fat and thin. Now if you judge someone on the basis of their sexual choice, that too will be wrong. My opinion is that don’t masturbate during any one period (Is NO Masturbation in November), then don’t do it, but celebrating its day is wrong. Others should not even be dragged into it. Whose body is his right, be it you or someone else?

Now everything about No Nut November lyrics must have been cleared. The purpose of starting this was to stop porn addiction. But, in today’s time, the main purpose has been changed and many myths are being added and presented in front of the people.

It is not right to bully or stop someone from masturbating in the name of a challenge, because there is a difference between porn addiction and healthy masturbation. Healthy masturbation is very beneficial for you.


What is no nut november kya hota in hindi?

नो नट नवंबर का मतलब है की पुरे नवंबर महीने में न तो मास्टरबेशन करना है, न सेक्स और न ही इजेकुलेशन।

What are the no nut november survival rules?

  • You cannot have sex in the entire November.
  • You cannot Ejaculate
  • Watching porn videos are also prohibited
  • You have to complete full 30 days of November without masturbation.

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