Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series, Hot Nude Photos, Videos, Movies, Instagram Id, Wiki

Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series, Hot Nude Photos, Videos, Movies, Instagram Id, Wiki

Aayushi Jaiswal is an Indian model and actress who has ventured into movies, serials, web series, and more. She is notably recognized for her compelling performances in MX Player’s series ‘Criminal Life Season 1,’ as well as several Ullu web series such as ‘Fantasy Call Hotspot,’ ‘Hotspot Charr Charr,’ ‘Charmsukh Kamar Ki Naap,’ ‘Palang Tod Damad Ji,’ and ‘Badan.’ In addition to these, Ayushi Jaiswal has also taken on supporting roles in television shows like ‘Baavle Utaavle,’ ‘Param Avatar Shri Krishna,’ and ‘Tarak Mehta Ka Ulta Chasma,’ among others.

In this article, we will delve into Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series career, explore her journey, and delve into some intriguing facts about her. Ayushi Jaiswal’s date of birth is August 27, 1996, and she hails from Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. She pursued her B.Com studies at the Modern Girls College of Professional Studies. Her social media presence boasts millions of devoted followers.

Aayushi Jaiswal Wiki, Hot & Bold Photos

Real NameAayushi Jaiswal
D.O.B27Aug, 1996
OccupationModel and Actress
Birth PlaceLucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Current CityMumbai
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourBlack
Marital StatusSingle

Top Ayushi Jaiswal Web Series Watch Online 720p, 1080, and 4k

As we mentioned above that Ayushi is a female model and actor, so she has worked in many serials and web series. He has gained popularity only because of his work. Today in this article, we are going to tell you about the top Ayushi Jaiswal Web Series, which has been watched a lot by the audience and has praised Ayushi’s work.

#1 Fantasy Call Hotspot Ullu Web Series: A Hindi drama web series

Fantasy Call Hotspot

Fantasy Call Hotspot” is a Hindi drama web series on the Ullu platform that you can watch online. Ayushi Jaiswal plays an important role in this web series. Her performance was well-received by the audience, leading to recognition for her exceptional acting in the show. As we are aware, the Ullu platform consistently releases new web series featuring emerging artists, providing entertainment for its viewers.

If we talk about Ayushi Jaiswal Webseries Fantasy Call Hotspot, then there is a young man who finds himself trapped in the web of a beautiful girl and her partner through erotic telephone calls. So how this young man becomes a victim of fraud and how he gets himself rid of this trouble, you can watch this web series online now.

#2 Hotspot Charr Charr Web Series: A Drama Ullu Web Series

Hotspot Charr Charr

“Ullu consistently delivers diverse content to its viewers, leaving a lasting impact on every individual who watches the Ullu web series. Amongst these series is ‘Hotspot Charr Charr,’ released by Ullu Original on October 10, 2021. Ayushi Jaiswal portrayed a significant role in this web series, contributing to the growth in popularity of the actress among her fans.

The story of this web series is of Mudit and his wife Chanda. In which both of them are troubled by the creaking sound of their ancestral bed. So after much thought and advice from a friend, Mudit decides to sell the bed online on ULX. Mudit gets a good deal of 17000 for selling his ancestral bed online. But is this app safe and reliable or not? That’s why to see the full story ahead of this web series, watch this Aayushi Jaiswal Webseries online now.

#3 Kamar Ki Naap Charamsukh Web Series: An Indian Adult Web Series

Kamar ki naap

Kamar Ki Naap Charamsukh is an Indian adult web series released on 15 October 2021 by Ullu Original. Ayushi Jaiswal played an important role in this web series, due to which the audience appreciated her performance a lot. This web series was one of the best web series of Ayushi Jaiswal’s career due to which Ayushi got recognition. You can also see Aayushi Jaiswal Nude pics in this web series. Because Ayushi has also done bold scenes in this web series, due to which she has attracted the attention of the audience.

The plot of this web series revolves around a husband and wife, where the wife lacks the skill of tailoring, a fact her mother-in-law uses to taunt her. Witnessing this, the husband hires a girl named Chinki to teach his wife the art of tailoring.

Chinki undertakes the task of instructing the wife in tailoring. As time progresses, a romantic bond develops between them, eventually leading to a physical relationship. As a result, suspicions arise in the husband’s mind regarding the nature of the relationship between his wife and Chinki. To uncover the truth, you can now stream this web series on Ullu Originals.

#4 Damaad Ji Palang Tod Ullu Web Series: Bold Web Series

Damad Ji

As you are well aware, Ullu has consistently gained recognition for its romantic and daring web series, catering to the preferences of its audience. This is why Ullu Original has amassed a larger viewership compared to other OTT platforms in today’s era. Within the array of web series offered by Ullu Original, one particular standout is ‘Damaad Ji Palang Tod,’ which has achieved top-tier status. Starring Ayushi Jaiswal and Rajshi Verma, this series has garnered immense appreciation from the audience for its captivating storyline. The popularity of this web series has been so remarkable that several installments have been released, all of which have been well-received by the public. 

The story of this web series revolves around the daughter, mother, and son-in-law. Son-in-law’s bike accident happens due to which mother-in-law comes to his house. With time, both son-in-law and mother-in-law get attracted to each other. Watch this web series online now to know at what turn the story goes next.

#5 Badan Ullu Web Series

Badan Ullu Web Series

Badan” is a Hindi erotic web series released by Ullu Original on February 10, 2023. It marks the debut installment of this series, hinting at the anticipation of several more seasons to follow. The storyline of this web series is exceptionally intriguing, garnering high praise from the audience. Noteworthy performances have been delivered by actors including Ashraf Ahmed, Ayushi Jaiswal, Vishesh Gupta, and Jaideep Kalsi.

If we talk about the Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series wiki Badan, then this is the story of a boy whose name is Ashwin and who likes romance very much. He falls in love with a girl named Nikki. But Ashwin learns that Nikki is already married. When Ashwin talked about ending his relationship with Nikki, Nikki became osbsessed with Ashwin and created problems for him. That’s why Ashwin gets stuck in a difficult situation and he doesn’t have any good option to get out of this situation. So what happens next in the story, how Ashwin gets out of this situation, stream this web series online now to see all this.

#6 Double Kand Web Series: Original Drama Web Series

Double Kaand

Double Kand Web Series was released in Cine Prime. Cine Prime has always been known for its bold and sensuous content. Cine Prime released this web series on Oct 14, 2022. More than one beautiful and hot actress has worked in this web series. This web series got a lot of love from the audience due to which this Aayushi Jaiswal web series wiki became the most popular.

If we talk about the story of this web series, then the story revolves around Husband Wife, and Girlfriend Boyfriend in which everyone is cheating on each other. The husband is watching the wife, wife is cheating on the husband. No person is honest towards his relations. Everyone wants to be romantic and physical with someone else.

#7 Amrapali Web Series: Drama and Comedy Web Series

Amrapali Web Series

The Amrapali web series was released by digital streaming platform Rabbit on 5th May 2023. Which was liked by the people for its sexuality, drama, and comedy story. Ayushi Jaiswal and Muskan Aggarwal provided their important roles in this. The language used in this web series is very exciting and entertaining. Such language is not commonly spoken. Because of this, the audience had given you a lot of love because of the dialogue of this web series.

If we talk about the story of this web series, then it starts from a village. Where the local doctor whose name is Amrapali treats occult diseases. All the men of the village are happy and want to get their treatment done by that doctor. Dr. Amrapali treats people using different types of medicines, due to which the people of the village are happy. Stream this web series online now to know the story better. You can also enjoy watching Ayushi Jaiswal hot photos in this web series.

#8 Pathshala Season 3 Web Series: Romantic Web Series

Pathshala Season 3

By the way, many seasons of the Paathshala web series have come. Rabbit App released the Paathshala web series. Ayushi Jaiswal was a part of Paathshala Season 3. In this season, Ayushi made its story much better with her beautiful acting. In this web series, along with Ayushi Jaiswal, artists like Sharanya Jit Kaur, Gaurav Singh, Pihu Jaiswal, and Sanjay Maurya have also worked.

If we talk about the story of this series, then its story is the story of a sensual teacher who takes advantage of her students to fulfill her needs. For this reason, students later think of taking revenge on their teacher.

#9 Hunter App Web Series Devika Web Series

Devika Web Series

Hunter App is one such online platform whose more than half of the web series have been super hits. Devika was one of these Aayushi Jaiswal Web Series. Along with Ayushi Jaiswal, Khushi Mukherjee also played the leading role in this web series. The beautiful acting of both was greatly appreciated by the audience. This web series became a hit because of the beautiful acting of both of them.

The story of this web series revolves around Devika, a social worker played by Khushi Mukherjee, and her daughter Aayushi Jaiswal. Devika is a social worker who is very hot and beautiful. A city goon loves Devika but Devika marries his son. The twist in the story comes when Devika’s father-in-law marries Vika’s daughter. and assaults her. The story is very interesting. So if you want to enjoy this story then stream this web series online now.

#10 Ullu Web Series Walkman Web Series

Walkman Web Series

Ullu Original has always been known for providing web series to its viewers from time to time. This platform provides content to people as per their choice. The Walkman web series is also one of those that people like to watch. In this web series, along with Ayushi Jaiswal, artists like Natasha Rajsewari, Komal Sharma, Kasim, Dhheraj, etc. have also shown their acting skills. In this web series, you will also see Ayushi Jaiswal hot scene which will force you to attract her more.

The story of this web series revolves around the husband-wife relationship where the husband is unable to give physical pleasure and satisfaction to his wife. Her husband buys a Walkman and becomes obsessed with it. Also, it is shown in the story that the wife tries to have a physical relationship with another person. Stream it now on Ullu App to know what happens next in the story.

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