Is it common to have sex all the time? Let us know if you are addicted to it.

Is it common to have sex all the time? Let us know if you are addicted to it.

As we can tell you that a man thinks about sex every 10 seconds. Do you think about whether it is right to think about sex all the time? Let us tell you that after many surveys, it has been found that 55% of men think about having sex several times a day, And 45% reported that they think about sex once a week or month. It is worth noting that all the men who asked were mostly of the same age, which means that there are many differences in the thinking of most men. But when it comes to thinking about sex, they all think the same. But when they think so, they all had one thing in common that their daily life was completely disturbed.

There are some differences between an excited man and a sex addict man, which we have mentioned in some of the topics below.


What are the limits of a man having sex?

According to the doctors, this medicine has been done that the extent of sex between men can be quite different. It is one of the major factors of age that influence this work. Every normal age affects the sex life of men, due to which it is difficult to tell what the extent of the male can be.

As with the production of testosterone from the age of 14 to 30, their sex limit is much higher than older men. However biological factors and environment can significantly affect the process of sex. Mostly a man’s limit depends on his diet and health. We can take the men of the 19s and 20s as an example. In his time he used to eat very well and was very good in health. Let us tell you that masturbating too much makes a difference in men’s sex time due to which they are not able to spend much time with their partner.

Some signs that you may know that you are a sex addict

Doctors believe that the definition of sex addiction is subtle and delicate. There is no official medical facility for this.

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“A Suggestion”

We should be careful with the label of sex addicts. The label of a sex addict is often misused. You can get it from your partner. Because some men are not able to give good time with their partner to floor them repeatedly, sometimes they are given them over their timings by their partner.

Below are some points from which you can find out that you are a sex addict.

Negative Consequences: – Incorporating your daily life into sex life despite school, family and community responsibilities

:-  Choosing sex work routines at work, not giving time to your family, and moving away from your other work regularly

: – Feeling yourself irritable, depressed when there is no alternative to sexual activity.

: – Doing risky things to satisfy your sexual desires (like having unprotected sex)

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